How to Preserve Your Smile Without Dentures

If you are living in Orange Park and want to preserve your smile then you should consider getting dental implants. There are many different dental clinics that offer dental implants in Orange Park but you will need to carefully assess these clinics before you make a decision on which one to move forward with.

Benefits of Using Dental Implants

Dental implants when properly installed will look just like your normal teeth. Since the implant is firmly mounted into your jaw you do not have to remove them for cleaning like you would with dentures. These implants can be fairly complex to install so you have to make sure the dental clinic you select is the most suitable choice.

Things to Consider before Getting Dental Implants

  • How will you pay for the dental implants? The majority of dental insurance plans will not cover the full cost of dental implants. You may be required to pay for the procedure out of your own pocket so it would be prudent to either come up with the cash out of your own pocket or find out if the clinic offer financing to credit worthy customers.
  • How long has the clinic been performing these dental implant procedures? The longer the clinic has been providing these dental implant procedures the more experienced they should be. You want to give preference to the clinics that have been doing this type of work for a considerable amount of time.

After you have worked through these variables and identified the dental clinics that have a considerable amount of experience performing dental implant procedures you should look at their portfolio. The portfolio will have before and after images of patients that went for dental implants. By looking over the before and after images you will have the information you need to make the right decision.